Morrison and Leavitt look at the future

future of healthcare

by Roger Plothow

Former Utah Gov. and Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, someone who is familiar to a lot of us in Idaho, recently joined our keynote speaker, Dr. J. Ian Morrison, in contributing to a report looking at the future of American healthcare titled, “FutureScan 2018-2023: Health trends and implications.”

They, among other contributors, highlight the importance of ongoing innovation in all sectors of healthcare. Leavitt writes:
“Moving forward, healthcare executives must pursue the larger goals of transformation while developing customized strategies for the providers they currently work with. A variety of strategies are necessary to accommodate the diversity of provider specialties and patient needs.Driving the focus on value is recognition that fee-for-service creates the wrong incentives, that coordinated care is better than uncoordinated care, and that steps must be taken to control costs. Progress is being made, but not quickly enough.

“Innovative leaders who recognize the economic imperatives mandating change, coalesce around common standards and language, collaborate with other providers, and engage with alternative payment and delivery models will be rewarded.”

Leavitt and former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius co-keynoted our first IHS way back in 2015 (more than three years ago!), and even then he was talking about the economic mandate to change. If it was urgent then, it’s all the more so today, and that is one of the main reasons for the Idaho Healthcare Summit.